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Re: Daily Chat~Tuesday, September 7

Cheli. You can totally do the mother x 4 and mom of twins thing! It won't always be easy (especially at first!) and it will take a while for you to hit your groove, but you can definitely do it!

Randie: Yay for our DH's being so sweet and understanding!! I'm glad that your bath helped lift your spirits!

AFM: I am stupid tired. Maybe stupid and tired. I finished my scaled-down ironing and crafting without injury or disaster and now I am going to go to bed. I am praying that I can sleep tonight without too much trouble.

I'm way too dumb to post pictures tonight, but tomorrow I'll take a pic of the grocery bag I made for a midwife present. You guys remember that I wanted to make a gift for my midwives and I was going to embellish canvas bags... well that plan came undone when the canvas bags unraveled in the wash. Instead I am going to make reusable grocery bags for them and stuff those with goodies. I used this tutorial that I found listed in the DS crafting master tutorial list and oh. my. gosh. do I love it!! The bag is amazing and so sturdy and it was pretty easy even with my tired brain only functioning at 50%. I definitely recommend it to any of our sewing mamas.

Okay, I'm off to bed! xoxo!!
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