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We bought this house,and then not even a year later my dh ripped his hamstring and had to take off of work. He got hurt at home so there was no workman's comp. Shortly after, he was fired because he had to keep taking off for therapy. Since he was fired, he did not receive unemployment. We lived off of me waiting tables and our credit cards.
He finally was able to go back to work, but for less money, having to travel for months at a time, and less work available( work is NOT steady).
We were not able to pay back the credit cards with his new income, credit scores went down, mortgage payment and insurance went up because of lower credit scores.
We are now having to borrow money to keep from losing a house we originally thought we would have NO problems paying for.

Long story short, there are no guarantees. If you are not SURE you can afford you can pay for it now with out the extra bonuses, I would not do it.

Plus don't forget, your utilities will be higher, you will have property taxes, home repair, preventative care( Way more than I ever imagined), lawn care, etc.
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