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Re: Rude questions need good comebacks.....

I really hate it when people comment on how many children you have. I have 3 and am expecting again. I get the "Good Lord, how many are you gonna have?" crap all the time!!! I usually say, I'll have a hundred if I want but when I start asking you for money, then by all means, feel free to make your rude comments then.

My MIL was very very very rude when we told her (and the whole family at a family gathering) that I was pg. She stood up and made a complete fool out of us making sure the whole room was quiet so she could rudely comment in her loudest voice. I still haven't forgiven her for that one. I was sooo embarrassed and now I'm just mad. Her comment was--that's the last thing you need. (Along with some other crap. ) No, the last thing I need is a jungle virus or leprosy or something. I think I can handle a baby much easier!!

When people ask us if we know what causes that, I say just about what a pp said. "Yep, and I think we've pretty much mastered the art, don't you?"

I may seem bitter, but I am just amazed at how people think it is somehow their business how many children you have, how far apart they are, etc.
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