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Re: baby hardly ever naps during day, what to do

I nurse my lo to sleep 80% of the time - either in my arms or go lay down in bed with her. She went through a phase of boycotting naps at 4 months - now at nearly 6 months and she naps great (2-3 times per day, ~1 hour each, longer if I'm lucky).

She loves bed-time, always has - we've stuck with the same routine since 1-2 months (warm bath, pj's, lay in bed/arms, I read to her while she nurses. Lately she just comes off the nip and rolls over like she's 'tapping out' saying "I'm done, goodnight".

During the day I wear her in a MT or Moby wrap to get things done around the house. Some days things don't get finished, but that's because she is my priority - vacuuming can wait another day .
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