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Re: Halloween-Do YOU dress up?

Originally Posted by tinymama View Post
At least reenactment costumes are semi-educational! Especially if you get the kids involved.

The Star Wars costumes for DH and I, and DS1, were replica type, all handmade. Same thing, quite pricey! We were hoping to also wear them to Comic Con that year. Circumstances around DD's birth didn't allow us to make it, but they sure made for some awesome pics on Halloween.

Then there was the time we did Medieval costumes. Reenactment quality. We actually wore those for Ren-Faire, and are keeping them for our next visit to our regional Medieval Village that is open year round.

Some years we go big but we balance it by keeping things simple on the off years.
For our last Halloween party I did a medieval dress and dh dressed as a viking. You know whats funny- dh has colonial reenactment stuff because he use to do reenactments when we lived in Virginia. He has never worn it as a Halloween costume though. He used the shirt for a pirate costume but has never worn his whole colonial costume. Maybe I'll talk him into wearing it this year then I can get me a dress. We've tried to get dd to do colonial because we have stuff for her from living so close to Williamsburg but she only wants to wear it to play at home.
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