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Re: where does your baby nap at during the day

well when my daughter was an infant for the first 3 or 4 mo she napped in the bouncy seat in whatever room I was in - usually the living room. Around 4 mo I started putting her in her pnp for her naps in our bedroom away from the hustle and bustle of her brothers. She napped there until we moved her out of our room and into her brothers' room. Well I guess technically she napped there until I split the kids into two rooms and had one napper in each bedroom and then she began napping in her crib. She still naps there. It's in an upstairs bedroom so the boys stay downstairs during her naptime.

eta: I forgot the back/front question - she naps on her belly now but she napped on her back until at least 6 mo. My oldest though always slept on his belly straight home from the hospital. He slept in his crib from 2wks on (he wasn't a fan of room sharing lol) but we had an angel care monitor for him.
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