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Re: Weight gain?

Thank you ladies for all the wunderfull stories and advice, I'm glad I'm not the only one struggleing with weight gain. The only thing I can really put my finger on that's different with my eating habbits now and before baby is more protein. My husband is trying to go on a low/no carb diet, so meat is the thing he can eat rite now, meening that he thinks because of the baby I need extra protein.
For instance this morning I had a boal of oatmeal with apple slices and craysons in it, and a hard cooked egg with 1% milk. My husband tried to get me to eat sossage or baken but I was full and didn't think I needed extra callories. For snack I had an orenge, and for lunch am planning on having a chicken sallad. The only soda I drink is ginger ail, a habbit I got started when I was so sick, but I've started cutting them back from one a day to one every 2-3 days or more.
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