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Hey all! I didn't even know this chat thread was here as I'm always on the fb group!
I was 10 weeks on Friday and I haven't even made a doctors appointment. I'm still researching which doctor to go to. After contacting a birth center that's a few hours from where I live, I was asking for references, they referred me to a doula/midwife student who is only 30min away. They think that she and the midwife she works with might be able to consider me trying for a vba2c! Eeek! I contacted the doula/midwife student through Facebook on Saturday. I haven't gotten a response but I'm hopeful it's because it was the weekend and I'm hoping she'll reply tomorrow! I'm trying not to get too excited so I don't get my hopes up!

I've been feeling somewhat miserable. I feel sooo bloated and fat. I'm extremely exhausted! My head feels fuzzy because I'm so tired. I usually go to bed by 8:30pm (except tonight) and I wake up at 9am. I'm so nauseous and nothing sounds good. I've been having a hard time eating. I'll get hungry then when I take a bite I either don't want it anymore or I'm suddenly full! It's frustrating! I'm also an emotional mess and I'm super whiney, hence this paragraph of complaints :-)
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