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So ds sounds like a horrible toddler, but he does listen sometimes. I've noticed that if I can get him to calm down & look me in the eye when I need to tell him something he is more likely to listen.

For example, he knows when we get to a store he can walk in holding my hand (he tells me when we park- "walk? Hand?") and i tell him yes you can walk into the store, but inside you have to sit in the cart. Once he started to rebel in the stores about riding in the cart it took a few times to get him to understand that he needs to ride in the cart. Sometimes I let him walk in a store if its a small store or a quick trip & even then he does well holding my hand, listening & not running off.

But many times when he is misbehaving he is really out of control. Not like temper tantrums, but his body is moving a mile a minute, flailing his arms around & running (chasing the dog). We have a hard time getting him to calm down when he is being too energetic & crazy. Is this normal?

And when we tell him stop, or no, sometimes he gets even more spastic &/or throws toys or whatever is in his reach.

Honestly I'd be less concerned if he threw himself on the floor, screaming & crying but he doesn't do that much. Not yet anyway.

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