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Re: Poop on covers

I'd say it's pretty normal to get poop on covers when using padfold/trifold/insert in a cover. Even if it isn't visually on the cover can smell a little too anyway. I think toddlers use less covers than a newborn because older kids poop less. If your LO poops alot then it's likely you will use more covers. If you can anticipate a poop you could try attaching or sitting on a potty.

I did get into wool but with fitteds. I wasn't good enough attaching a flat/prefold for my liking with wool. I did try inserts with loveybum wool wraps though my LO was pooping on the potty that this point (she started sitting about 12m). -- btw I never got the "wool AI2 system" too work, she once peed straight out of the cover somehow sitting at a bank. Loveybums (i think) do have an AI2 snap in system but I learned about it after LO day PLed. So there may be some exceptions but most wool needs attached diapers or fitteds. And you have to be good at attaching to make that work if longies/shorties. A "bad" attached diaper would probably work fine with a wool wrap.
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