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Diaper de-stash!!

Hi! Ladies. I have lots of cloth diapers Iím needing to get rid of that we havenít been using. Iíll post generalized pictures right now and with inquiry will send better photos! Just trying to get this posted and put out there already.[emoji847] If you see something in the photos I havenít listed but your interested just let me know! Also please PM me with inquiries so Iím sure to get them! Thank you.

SOLD-2 Disana wool covers pink and natural- used condition (blue and natural sold) $20ppd for both.
SOLD-1 planet wise wet bag size medium, large dinosaurs is sold.
9 flip covers- good condition $90ppd
5 extra large airflow covers- like new $60ppd.
8 large airflow covers- 5 vguc-euc, 2 used condition and 1 like new $75ppd
1 medium stacinator cover with stain
other than that great $5ppd
SOLD-3 snappis 1 toddler 2 regular and 1 set of boingos $10ppd
18 size medium GMD prefolds unbleached- all great condition no holes there are some stains on a few. $45ppd
18 bamboo doublers- good condition $20ppd
SOLD-2 planet wise pail liners- good condition
SOLD- 2 extra large GMD fitteds- great condition
6 extra large Motherease Sandies (toddlease) fitteds- good condition $60ppd
SOLD-9 large motherease Sandies fitteds- good condition $80ppd
SOLD-49 homemade cloth wipes (double layer) and 13 wash cloths for wipes- good condition
12 large thirsties hemp liners- good condition a couple with stains and 2 with pen sized first layer holes. $30ppd
SOLD-1 blueberry coverall OS- great condition like new $10ppd
6 bummis super brites size large- great condition $38ppd
Lots of fleece liners free to whoever wants them along with a purchase.
7 rumparooz covers all with pul damage- FFS
Bummis duo brite cover with 4 snap in inserts and 2 doublers- Like new $25ppd
Kushies disposable diaper liners- $8ppd

Take everything for $375ppd.[emoji847]

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