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Re: Scheduling after a year?

3 Minutes seems about average for the 1 year and up crowd. They are REALLY efficient at this point. Only you can decide whether a real "schedule" is the answer. But if you are wanting to maintain what you have, then try creating a routine and not a schedule. DD2 knows that we always nurse first thing in the morning, before and after naps and at bedtime. If she wants more than that, she can ask. And I assure you, she does ask when she wants it. I got tired of offering and being refused. DD2 is 17 months now. By 1 year of age, I stopped offering to DD1. She was so good at asking, that I figured she would let me know. She wanted to nurse every 2 hours or so and I followed her lead.

It is 100% okay at this point for little ones to go 4 or more hours without nursing if they are happy with the situation. Watch your baby and see what they are ready for. If they are okay with not nursing every hour, every two hours (whatever length of time) then follow their lead.
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