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Cloth wipe question

Does anyone use birdseye cotton wipes (like the ones GMD has)? I really want to make some cloth wipes that will work for my newbie this time around. I made some 2 sided wipes with my last child that were flannel on one side and old t-shirt on the other, but they just didn't seem very absorbant (was kind of hard to get them wet), and there was really not a "grippy" side for messy clean up's. I also found a bunch of cheap baby wash cloths at Walmart so I thought those might work. Um, no...they were completely useless as wipes or wash cloths because they wouldn't absorb water at all! So, now that I have my diaper stash figured out, I'm on a quest to find a fabric that will make a nice soft/grippy wipe so I wont have to buy sposie wipes all the time.
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