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Re: Need suggestions: stay-dry diapers with no microfiber?

Originally Posted by Nat4 View Post
I've been battling some major stinkies with my microfiber diapers for a few months now, and my son seems to have a sensitivity to microfiber as well, so I'm on the hunt for great diapers without microfiber. I like the stay-dry option though, and trim is huge for me - the trimmer the better. Any suggestions?
Stink and irritation are often go together. When a diaper has lingering odor it usually means all or part are not getting completely cleansed and sanitized in the wash. The cause of incomplete cleansing is usually the wrong type or the wrong dose of detergent.

Diapers with a lingering odor will create ammonia when in use. Baby skin gets slightly irritated by ammonia and often goes a little red. It's more likely the skin sensitivity is to ammonia than polyester microfiber or any other fibers in the diaper.

The good news is the fix is usually easy. A double hot wash and dry using a good quality big-brand detergent (I prefer tide regular) usually clears up odor, you will likely see the sensitivity to the diaper disappear too.

From there, it's a good idea to find detergents that are well suited to the hardness of your water - that keeps the odors from returning.
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