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Re: school lunch

Originally Posted by momto4monkeys View Post
My son gets free lunch and breakfast we get a month menu so he choose if he wants to take lunch or get the free lunch as far as breakfast goes they get so many choices he always wants breakfast
yep, us too. I always do breakfast with my kids because I think it's a great bonding and grounding time in the morning to reconnect before the hectic rush to the bus stop. BUT I appreciate that if I don't have the money or time to give her something, she will at least get cereal and milk and she won't go hungry. My question is this for the op though: isn't there a second or third choice????? In my daughter's school, there are 3 choices. There's the meal of the day(today was chicken fajita with shredded cheese and salsa, dinner roll, tossed salad, fruit, and milk), a second choice that rotates weekly(this week is ham and cheese) and a third choice that is always the same(used to be PBand J but because there's a kid with severe peanut allergies in the school now, they are doing a chef's salad plate). So there are three options that should work for everyone. The second option is always a deli type sandwich which my daughter doesn't like at all(turkey and cheese, bologna and cheese, etc) and she LOVES salad so she would do that all day long everyday if I let her. I let her look at the menu and if there are say, 3 days she doesn't like the options, I let her take lunch from home 2 times and have the salad on the third day. I try not to let her have chef's salad everyday because she won't eat the meat and only the lettuce and cheese so that doesn't fill her and she's hungry an hour later.

also, isn't there a list of things on each day? Like even if he doesn't like beans or salad, he still has a fruit cup or carrots or whatever and the main entree???? Could he refuse something? My daughter says they are allowed to refuse one thing at each lunch and they must get everything else although they are obviously not forced or coerced into eating it. I guess the school found that it was a great way to get them to try new things while still letting them feel like they have a choice.

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