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Re: South Dakota!!

Ashley-- still doing ok? can we check you out on the craddle roll? If you have to be induced, try and not worry....i was induced due to pre-e...then had to do an emergency c section- it sucked butcha know doesnt matter how the babes get here, as long as he is healthy thats all that matters...and you will forget about the labor pains the minute you hold him in your arms....ahh i so remember the first time i met lydia- still makes me cry- and i didnt get to meet her till she was 5 hours old- they ended up having to put me to sleep for my c-section...after being in labor for 24 hours....all of the pain just melted away when i saw here and would do it all in a heart beat for her- good luck, we will be thinking about you..and we still need to do lunch after things get settled down a bit...and i want to meet your new lo!
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