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Has anyone nursed through pregnancy...

... and completely hated it? DS3 is 12 months old, and nurses on demand, and I'm 27-29 weeks pregnant (depending on what due date you go by). He's the first baby I've actually breastfed (EP'ed for my other two), and we've had a wonderful breastfeeding relationship.

But for the past 3 months or so, I've absolutely hated nursing him. Every time he nurses, I feel like I want to jump out of my skin... it's hard to explain. But I literally get angry and irritable, and just want him OFF me. It doesn't hurt or anything, but I just feel annoyed, and like I have ants crawling all over me.

I don't want to wean him. We've overcome a lot to have a successful breastfeeding relationship (tongue tie and GERD, to name our biggest issues), and my goal has always been to let him self-wean. I did finally night-wean a few weeks ago... the combo of sleep deprivation and these feelings were driving me over the edge.

So, I guess I'm just looking for some "been there, done that, got through that" stories? Some commiseration, maybe .
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