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I've bf'd through two pregnancies now, and IME the heebie jeebie feeling comes and goes. FX it will go away for you! I think it must be a hormone thing. :-/ I was determined to make it through my whole pregnancy, and even then I seriously considered weaning #2 before #3 was born. I had the heebie jeebies and crazy nipple pain while nursing him, and I'd decide to wean him, then wait a week and things would become bearable again. Then it would repeat. As soon as I gave birth everything went right back to normal, and he's still nursing at 20 months, and I'm SO glad I stuck it out! You can do it, mama! Maybe you'd feel better about cutting back on the nursing sessions till your LO gets here and then adding more in? It is really nice to have a toddler to help nurse down the engorgement when your milk comes in.
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