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newborn fluff

i thought i would post some pics of my princess in her newborn diapers hopefully it will help some of the preggos out for reference my dd was born at 8lbs13oz and got down to about 8lbs3oz before she started gaining back what she lost the first couple days so shes in the 8-9lbs range in all of these pics

bizzy bhive fitted - my fav fitted very absorbent and fits great

bizzy b hive AIO - didn't like this one too much until dds umbilical cord fell off even with the snap down now that her cord is gone i love it though

hidden pearl creations fitted. Good diaper isnt super absorbent but works for during the day very trim!

kindhearted women fitted. Good day time fitted not too absorbent

mutt fitted love this one almost the same as the bbh fitteds very absorbent. takes a while to dry though

pattynaps newborn basic (the flannel one) works good for day time

xs bg AIO great fit very absorbent a little wide but not bad

xs fb. Holds in nb poop really good absorbent.

happycheeks pocket. Didn't like this one too much with the umbilical cord because it was really close to it but still a very good diaper fits great!

xs very baby aio. LOVE this diaper super trim and quick to get on and off

xs very baby hybrid pocket. favorite diaper overall fits great very absorbent

capris from naturebaby knits love these!!!

longies from adventure knits love these too I NEED more lol

the only things that didnt fit dd from day 1 are the xs jango pockets i bought they are still too big

oh and for fun some pics of my princess

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