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Re: Serious Q about circumsizion..

Back to the OP:

I have been with both. Sex is dependant on the man, not the foreskin or lack there of. That being said, I discussed circ with all of my partners, and none of them wanted their sons to be circed if that tells you anything about how they felt about it.

Penises that are clean smell better than those that are not. Just as you would teach your daughter to clean, you should teach your son to do so as well. FWIW, it's much harder to keep a vagina clean than an uncirc penis IME.

My son is the first male in my family to be left intact. It's not my body and I refused to put him through an unneccessary surgery. If FGM were avaliable for infants how many parents would be handing over their daughters for it... even "just" for the clitoral hood removal. Not many, I would bet. Why? Because it's unnecessary and will cause her pain, and interfere with her sexually (even if only marginally). So why the difference for male circ? I truly do not get it. It keeps the penis protected and self cleans, and provides a sexual function... why rob a little man of that just as he's entering the world?
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