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Re: Serious Q about circumsizion..


do they look the same as circ penis's when erect?

depends on the circ and the guy.

Does having sex with a circ man the same as a uncirc one?
have had good and bad both ways. being english most guys are not cut, and honestly girls back home prefer it if they are. SO, I was happy DH was :-)

Also, I have heard some people say they smell differently and alot of people dont like dealing with that, is this true?
Yes I find they do smell more, and without going to the TMI area, I would have a BF wash before a BJ, sorry but it's gross if they haven't washed all day.......

Also, if you know any uncirc men, do they regret not being circ and wish they were?
Some wish it was done others don't even think about it. I think we as mothers are thinking about it now more than most men do. My husband has to have his done in his teens, it was no big deal and is still VERY senstive, too much so if you ask me.

I will stick the the OP, not the deabte.

And my son did not have his done at birth, he did at 17 months, during another surgery he needed. He had many infections in his foreskin and it was very painful for him. The surgery including the circ after was painful. But we are hoping there will be no more infections.

I myself would not circ, UNLESS, it is done properly, ie. no board, with mum there, pain meds, and done without a clamp very quickly. I'm jewish and there are so many reasons why we do it the way we do. That being said my son was too sick on the 8th day and well one thing after another we left it.
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