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Re: Bleaching PUL? Will it ruin it?

I am pretty sure that it is safe to bleach BG, they wouldn't include it in their washing instructions if it wasn't. I don't use bleach on my other diaper covers/pockets though and only very sparingly on my inserts if I can't get the stink out any other way. Bleach really isn't good for PUL and I've noticed that my inserts that have been bleached are rougher than the ones that haven't been. That said, I'd rather have my inserts smell fresh than be soft - they go inside the pocket after all so the softness really isn't all that important.

I have 4 BG 4.0 diapers and they get stinkier faster than any other diapers I own, the microfiber inserts are the worst but the covers hold stink too. I have avoided bleaching them very often (though I have a couple times) because I really don't like using bleach on my diapers. But I think I'm going to have to start bleaching the BG once a month according to their instructions. We just switched to Tide which is helping immensely with our stink problems but the BG still faintly stink when peed in, as do a few of my other inserts. So maybe I'll bleach the inserts and the BG covers once a month.

If you have an HE machine I would cut the recommended amount of bleach in half.
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