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Re: M/C?? Food poisoning (children mentioned)

I think you're right with the action-oriented. Will talk to him about doing something like that, we move a lot so a tree wouldn't work but I'm sure we could think of something small. He started working out this week pretty intensely with an old workout partner from 6 years ago, so maybe that's his something physical to release some of the stress.

We didn't tell many people that we were pregnant and so there's no one to really give either of us that kind of support. My one friend that knew still thinks I'm pregnant... which I know is terrible, but I had the mc the night I left her house after staying with her and she's pregnant and pretty stressed out and concerned with her pregnancy... So I don't want to add concern to her. This is going to sound terrible... But I also didn't tell DH's dad & his wife about the mc. She was rude to me on the phone when I told her about the pregnancy and asked if it was an accident because they don't think we're ready for another. (they don't like DH's work, they don't like that we live in an apartment, they don't like blah blah blah). DH isn't talking to them and I'm in no mood to tell her that I mc'd only for her response to be something like 'well the lord knows best'.

Am I off my rocker not telling them?!
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