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Re: Induction methods need some positive stories

I was induced with my last baby. He was 38w4d and I was 3cm. It was super super easy, the longest part was waiting to get my pit ( no joke). I was there at 5am, in room by 6 and then sat around waiting for the OB. Got my pitocin around 10ish and DS2 was born around 12:30-labor was only around 2 1/2 hrs. He was posterior and I had to work him around or else I bet it would have been faster. It was unmedicated and I will say that the contractions were harder but my nurse turned it off when I started getting pushy ( I would rather have had it turned off before that).

I refused- REFUSED- to have them break my water. I had it done with DS1 and that birth wasn't the best. I know that I need that cushion of the bag of waters. That was a very weird thing about my DS2 birth, how crazy they were about breaking my water, like I was abnormal I would just ask them 'If my water is broken what happens?' Their answer' you have to stay in bed' Me: ' well heck no, leave me alone' Being able to move was the best thing for me.
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