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Re: Our First Diaper Chat!!!!!

Originally Posted by zacifer View Post
Quick question......with the ones you made, how many layers did you put on the inside? And what did you use for those inner layers? And did you make that inner layer in the shape of a pad, or did you make it in the shape-ish of the diaper so that it was wider at the top and bottom?
I've done them a few different ways. My first batches were a layer of flannel for the outside, a layer of fleece on the inside, with a rectangular soaker sewn on the inside of the fleece layer to keep it in place. The hourglass shape kind of drives me nuts because I hate throwing away scraps! Anyway, the soaker would be 3 layers of terry for a newborn size. I think (if I remember correctly) I went up to 4 for the small size, but never did a larger diaper than that (truthfully, I much prefer flats and prefolds )

Another method which is my new favorite is to use multiple layers of flannel with no sewn-in soaker. Again, fleece goes on the inside and then either a layer of flannel or even a cotton print for the outer layer. I use 4 layers of flannel on the inside cut to the same shape as the outer and inner layers. This way the bulk gets spread out a little better, so you have less of a bubble butt problem. HTH!
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