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Re: What would you recommend for a 3yo flooding his diapers?

Originally Posted by Kayleen View Post
Have you tried letting him go naked all day (Stay home/no company)? Or have you tried no dipes, just undies or nothing with only pants on? Soemtimes a couple accidents and he might just give in, as long as you don't make a big deal about it. Jsut say big boys use the potty when they have to go.

Also how much are you pushing the potty? My DD resisted more until I basically just left her alone. She knew what she needed to do, but was fighting me on it. She was diaper free by 3.5yo. She didn't really get the idea until she was 3yo anyway.
We haven't done naked, mostly because we have all carpet and I need somewhat of a buffer there so that I don't end up with so much pee in my carpet! Also, DS is quite particular about things and he doesn't want to go without pants :/ But, while we train we have gone straight to underwear. We also thought the accidents would naturally motivate him, but while he doesn't like it he would rather have an accident than use the potty, it seems. And he REALLY doesn't want to have an accident. Like I said, accidents are really rare, but they only happen when he just can't possibly hold it in any longer

The first time we trained (this was over the course of 6 days) we started out with putting him on the potty at regular intervals, which was a struggle, but we quickly realized he's beyond that. He knows pee is *supposed* to go in the potty, he just doesn't want to do that. So we stopped that, but we did ask him frequently about using the potty. That didn't seem to work.

This time around (we started again Friday morning, so just 2 days, this is the 3rd) we haven't forced him to sit on the potty, we very rarely bring it up. For example, he really wanted to go to the store with MH today and we were just honest with him and said, we're afraid you might have an accident at the store. If you'd like to go you need to put your pee in the potty first. He really wanted to go to the store, but not enough to go potty so he didn't go :shrug:

Backing off has definitely helped with our sanity, but I don't know that it has made a difference to DS other than he doesn't have to fight us on it because it's a non-issue. He very rarely pees and it's very rare that he has an accident so... there's not many learning moments available, KWIM?

Thanks for the advice though. I love to hear other people's perspectives. Anything is helpful!

Based on your own experience, would you say we should keep going with the underwear and just remain hands off and hope that DS reaches some tipping point where he's self-motivated to use the potty? Or is it time to back off, go back to diapers, and wait until he shows some interest in the potty?

FWIW, I'm quite conflicted about what to do because DS has always been happy with the status quo (with anything) and somewhat resistant to change so I honestly question whether we'll get to the point where he'll change his mind and suddenly become interested in the potty if we return to diapers. I know they say "kids don't go to school in diapers! They'll figure it out!", but I truly wonder about DS. At the same time, I don't know that leaving him in underwear is conducive to much either. Ugh...
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