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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (November)

Originally Posted by PaisleyDeann View Post
Absolutely!!! I totally know what you mean! You have so much anxiety about it, once you go and it goes ok you will be much more settled. Just so many emotions wrapped up in the dr and setting it's hard to go that first time. So happy that you are doing this big step!!!
Thanks Amanda!

Originally Posted by myblessedbaby View Post
I made a video to share the news with my family. Posted it on facebook and our blog. So far there's been very little FB comments. Hopefully people catch on and watch the video or I might have to actually call people, lol.
and for sharing the news!

Originally Posted by Harmony96 View Post
Elena, I hope the perfect appointment time slot opens up for you tomorrow.
Thanks Andrea! It sorta worked out - I'll post below

Originally Posted by jamiejo View Post
I guess i'll introduce myself. I read through this entire thread last night.
I was due Nov 27th with the babe I lost. Lost April 16th. i never suspected I'd lose a baby. You know, it won't happen to me. It was beyond devastating. As you all here know.
So today I am 4 weeks 5days. I've been TIRED, nauseated and my milk makers are swollen. I hardly had ANY symptoms with the wee babe I lost in April. I am thrilled to be so tired!!!!!
Welcome to the group, but I'm sorry you belong here
Congrats and with your new bean!

Originally Posted by s2grace View Post
I'm out ladies. Sad, disappointed, but I know God is in control. Best wishes to all of you!
I'm so sorry, mama.

Originally Posted by TS8213 View Post
Elena - Love the nickname "hiccup"! Hope you can get into your OB today and I'm glad the little babe is moving around more! maybe you have an anterior placenta like me, which gives us panic attacks on the days of little-to-no movement.

AFM - Still hanging in there. Just realized that if I deliver at 38w like I did my other children, then I only have 14 weeks to go. Eeek! Little miss is moving around a whole lot more these days. Or else she's just getting big enough that I feel her a lot more with my anterior placenta.
Wasn't the OB, just my family Dr - we need a referral to the OB here, and get that around 24-26 weeks, though my Dr said he could refer me right away if I wanted.
I'm not allowing myself to think about the placenta placement, honestly. I convinced myself, completely, that the whole trouble with Elliana's movements (lack of) was that I just had an anterior placenta. It was just one more hope to have crushed, if that makes sense.
So I don't let myself think that way. I'm feeling Hiccup a lot the past couple days, got some good kicks and thumps early this morning - I think part of my trouble not feeling him when I wake up is that normally I wake up with the kids, around 7:30, but the past couple days I've woken at 6 or shortly after, and can feel Hiccup kicking and moving around - I think he's probably just been doing that and I've missed it while still sleeping, then when I wake up, he's sleeping himself again.
Now that I'm thinking about it - I keep waking up then really needing to pee - maybe he's moving against my bladder and so I wake... instead of just wetting the bed... so that's a good thing

14 weeks is... Really not that long!!! Yikes!
for more/stronger movements - I bet the latter is what it is - she's gotten bigger and stronger, so you're feeling those movements now even though they've been happening all along, kwim?

Originally Posted by Sunshine915 View Post
I have been really bad at keeping up with this thread, but I've been reading along. Hi to the new mamas! Things are going well over here. I'm 23 weeks now, which seems crazy. When I was still newly pregnant, it felt like I'd never get this far, but it really is flying by. My little girl is quite the mover and shaker--just like her big sisters. We had 2 anatomy ultrasounds because she moved so much that they couldn't get all the required pictures. Blessedly, all looks perfect with her. Now, its just time to wait out a few more months and keep praying that all stays well!
No worries! We're all mamas, life gets busy!
I can't imagine 23 weeks just yet... and if I am able to... well, that's exactly when Elli was born, so right now my 23 week picture is pretty sucky.
Hopefully an u/s will change that outlook and allow us to actually start thinking ahead, thinking of actually having a baby instead of just being pregnant with one right now, kwim?

about needing another u/s cuz she wouldn't stay still for pictures! Naughty chicky!

Originally Posted by carlycurry View Post
Elena -- so glad baby is giving you more and more movements and such peace of mind. You are doing wonderful, mama. I think about you often and pray for you to find strength to get through the ultrasound a-okay

AFM -- nothing new... 7w4d today and obviously can't find the HB on my doppler yet... going to try every day now until I do.. I know it's way early still... I am just so hopeful to find it in the next 4 or 5 days since I know so many mamas can find it by 8 weeks.
Thank you.

for another few tries with the doppler to get that hb for you!

Originally Posted by finleyjudemommy View Post
Hi ladies....

Nothing much going on here...28 weeks tomorrow...I'm thinking delivery will be around 38 weeks
10 weeks?! That's really close!!!

AFM: So, I made it to my Dr this morning. I hadn't called, so it was just a "walk-in" appt slot. I started filling out the prenatal history form, we got a req sent (to the hospital we want) for the u/s, checked my bp (high for me, understandably), and heard Hiccup's hb on doppler. That was... difficult, lol. I don't think it's for a bad reason, although of course my mind went instantly back to my 17wk prenatal with Elli, when we had trouble getting the hb, and that sucked. But I'm sure the whole time I could feel squirming from Hiccup, and I could hear thumps and swooshes on the doppler, which should mean movements.
He did catch the hb for a couple seconds down low on my right, but then it just disappeared. I could feel Hiccup move up and over left - we ended up with my hands above baby holding him still, then the doppler against him on the other side - got a good bit of hb... then he squirmed and was gone again. Apparently he does not like the doppler.

I am going back tomorrow for a bit more of a "first prenatal" - we'll get all the paperwork on the go, get urine and weight and fundal height, :crossfinger: hear that hb again - maybe not easier... but quicker?!, and get lab reqs for my bloodwork. I won't be doing a physical or any vag exams with this pregnancy - if nothing else, I just did them a year ago (pretty much exactly a year, too).

DH came with me this morning - it wasn't actually as bad as I thought... but this was largely due to them having moved offices! Just from one side of a building (kinda duplex) to the other - climbing the stairs and going in the first door was hard... but then I went the "other way". Which, silly as it may sound, may it suddenly easier, different... like there could be a different outcome this time.
He won't be able to come with me tomorrow. But I think I'll be okay.
Whether he knows it or not, he is coming to the u/s with me. There's no way I'll get there on my own, never mind getting through it on my own! Now that the req is sent off, I just wait for the hospital to call me to make an appt for it. So that all works out. And for Hiccup to be happy and healthy in there.
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