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Originally Posted by Michelle_M
It would infringe on religious freedom. Jewish people truly do believe that it is a commandment of God and do it because God told them to in their Bible (Old Testament for Christians).

To say they could no longer circumcise their children, would be telling them that they cannot worship God or follow his laws.

I will be very surprised if this passes no matter how many signatures are on the paper. And no, I won't be singing it. All three of my boys are circ'ed and I don't regret it.

And just as there has been damage done by botched circumcisions, I have known children who HAD to be circ'ed at age 6 or 7 because of constant painful infections and it became a medical necessity, which would not have been needed at that age if the parents had circ'ed at a younger age.

I am NOT judging those who want their children to stay intact, that's your choice. But who are you to tell a person of the Jewish faith that they shouldn't have the right to follow a practice that they have been doing for thousand's of years, because it's your opinion that they shouldn't be circ'ing their kids?

God bless!
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