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This is a VERY old post todays date is AUG.15.2012! but I still have most of these boxed up will sell the entire box for 60 bucks OBO plus ship!!! or trades+ ship cost for the right fabrics or notions. I don't really make diapers anymore . but love OBV, skull fabric..nice classy fabrics cotton
Disregard any prices below... bc I just want them gone!!! a solid 60 bucks is good!! and they are not all in great condition.

- pirate covers: $5ea,
-sugar peas med, wool cover $15.00 (never used was 30 new) side snap.(sold)
-3 med mutts (planet, ice giraffe print, black orange snaps :$6.00ea
-pea green hemp sbish : $12.00
-harry potter(fitted), elvis pic(all in two),2 mickey mouse(fitted),safari bamboo va. inner (fitted) (all have snap in soakers.) - $6.00
-toystory and spong bob cvers $5.50
-ballet slippers,blue plad,2 fruit print, cvers 4.00 (well loved)
-3 fleece slip on cvrs - 5.00 for yellow, 4.00 for the other two
-kushies toddler two are not seen in pic, 6.00 each
-old style fb does not include original inserts 6.50
-one contour hemp used once maybe , 9.00
- one bamboo flat snappable with camillians 7.00 (this is a name brand cant remember)
- gms 13.50 I think I have two more not in pic
all others... make offers..

I have decided to just simply remove the 4 size small,xs diaper/covers which were, happy hieny one size mini , 2 thirsties covers and one small fitted. now this whole box is Med / large
here is a link to close up pics finally. however a little mashed around and in two albums... not sure how or why but I'll fix it.

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