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Re: Birth Plan for Hospital

And, just a further comment on IVs. Some nurses are really good. I personally can barely hit the broad side of a barn. So, if you were my patient and things were going south, I'd try, but I'd also be paging my charge or other nurse who is good. They'd get there as fast as possible, but it is a delay. And, if they cannot get access, you're looking at waiting on the response team. Even at my large urban hospital, that means 2 people per shift who cover all of the emergencies in a 800+ bed hospital with 3 towers of 7-12 floors each, etc. Additional delay while mom and baby's lives could be hanging in the balance.

An IV should not limit your movement. They aren't generally uncomfortable. They aren't put in because nurses are Pit happy. Honestly, hanging meds, answering beeping IV pumps, etc. is a pain. It's a lot more work than leaving an IV hepwelled.
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