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Re: February/March Chat Thread

Originally Posted by newmommy13 View Post
thank you for sharing.

I had that peaceful happy contented feeling with our first dfd! That is a great feeling.
Originally Posted by FindingMercy View Post
Hugs mmbreb. I can't imagine what all you've been through. I love the shoe picture. So sweet.

I started a new thread reluctantly because I don't want to cut you off from sharing and from others responding to your recent posts!
Originally Posted by WynneBabies View Post
I think it's okay to think the way you are, mmbreb. Some foster parent friends I know had twin boys and lost one at birth. It's been very difficult for them, naturally, but adopting their daughter has given them meaning for their son's death. It wasn't in vain. They knew they wouldn't be doing foster care if their son hadn't died. I think that's a good mentality.
Thanks mamas. It is hard to explain how one can feel to have such excitement and heart break at the same time but sometimes that understanding ear is what is really needed! You ladies have helped me so much through this foster care journey!
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