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Re: long car trip and nursing?

at that age i think you'll find a couple of things

1)unless you're unlucky - the carseat/moving car is still magic and she'll likely sleep quite a bit

2)you CAN dangle over the carseat but at that age you'll likely find that it's really hard to get in a position that's easy for her to nurse in - so i would just stop every so often for a diaper change/feeding.

3)you'll also likely find that you may have some trouble with engorgement if you go longer than normal/she doesn't eat quite as well as usual. i also found that dd tended to make up for it at night (lots of night time nursing)

believe it or not it's actually easier to travel with a little baby than with a slightly older one. but you also need to be prepared for it to take a lot longer to get there than it would with just the two of you. i probably would try to do it in two days, but that might not be a possibility considering you only have a short time off.

oh yeah, and at that age, i sat in the backseat with her the whole time so i could see her (what she needed), entertain her, check her diaper easily, etc.
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