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Originally Posted by tibeca
At this point, breastmilk should be the majority of her nutrition. Ease up on the solids and offer to nurse before and after every "meal." Offer, offer, offer. Offer to the point it is annoying to you. Allow her to hang out at the breast and keep in mind that a good nursing session at that age can be as short as 2-5 minutes. Also look up "nursing strike" on for more information.
Thanks. I'll look that up today. Unfortunately she is on a formula/BM mix due to low supply (not a new issue) but I'll keep offering her both until I get some fluids in her! I was able to get 4oz of formula in her last night when I woke her to eat (tried to get her to nurse but she didn't seem to be getting anything out. Not surprising since she had refused to nurse all weekend and I had left my pump at work. ) she nursed for about 4-5 minutes this morning. I'm hoping daycare can get a bottle in her. I restarted the dom and upped the fenugreek so hopefully that helps with my milk supply.
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