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Re: Paci at 4 please

My kids have all been done with the paci by about 18 months, so I don't know if what worked for us will work for you since your ds is older. I started out by only allowing the paci in bed or in the car if we would be in there a long time, or around nap time. After doing that for a few weeks, I would try out naptime without it, and if that went well, we just did away with it. When our youngest ds stopped using it I wne tot put him in bed and realized his paci wasn't in there, and I didn't bother to go look for one. He didn't ask about it or cry, so that was the end of it. Three days later he was going down for his nap and said "paci?" I told him they were all gone, and he said, "ok". He hasn't even messed with the baby's paci since then which surprised me.
Some people I know have gathered up the pacis and "given" them to someone with a new baby for the baby to have, or they have found a toy their child really wanted, but told they child they had to trade in all their pacis in order to get the toy.
For your sake I would advise throwing all the pacis out when you decide to be done with them completely so you can't give in if he has a rough time with it.
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