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Re: Homeschool Check In Feb. 1st--10th

Yay! A new thread! I love new threads. And, I always love your sayings too.

Jen - Ugh! That stinks about having to go to the DMV. Congrats on the refi though! Interest rates are so good right now. We just refinanced a couple months ago. I hear you on time for doing their phonics separately. I'm looking at Samantha and Blake (and still doing Zack) and wondering if I will be able to have time to teach them all separately. Once I get my new manual, I'm planning to start K with them. If I need to, I'm going to alternate Blake and Samantha teaching only 1 each day. Ultimately, K will take longer, but that is part of why I'm starting before next fall. We will see how it goes.

Jen, have you all started Science with Water yet? We are supposed to be on the 3rd lesson tomorrow, but we haven't even started it. Zack wants to do it (or course, because what kid doesn't want to play with water ), but I can't seem to get on board. I don't feel like making a water mess. *sigh*

Lyn - I'd like to be part of a group, but I'd like to be part of a homschool social club kind of thing. We'd love to have the interaction and make friends, but I'm really not interested in having classes with other kids. I don't feel my kids need anything extra and I don't want to teach or really do much else either. But, I really miss having friends for the kids and me to socialize with. I'm struggling to even meet any other HS'ing families in the area. Maybe I will join a co-op next year just to meet people and then drop out after we have friends. LOL.

AFU - I'm very excited about Zack asking to read. I am a little embarrassed to say we didn't get time for him to read the rest of the book to me yesterday. But, the first thing he wanted to do this morning was read to me!! We have a chore chart ticket system and he is doing it for a ticket and trying to earn a prize. But, I'm still really happy and impressed because even a week ago, he would have chosen not to get a ticket or to do anything else for tickets. So, I really think it is a sign that he is enjoying it more. Plus, he is enjoying the story too. I do feel like this is a break through. I'm really thrilled.

So far today, we have done Bible and part of phonics and Zack has read to me. We still need to finish phonics and do math and possibly some science of some sort.
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