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Re: Homeschool Check In Feb. 1st--10th

Jumping in, I haven't joined any of the previous threads. They seem to move so fast and I can't seem to keep up.

We are finishing off a pretty rough week. I work tomorrow so next week will be a 4 day week starting on Tuesday. I already have plans made for next week so I am good to go in that department.

I am having a really rough time with my 11 year old daughter. She is a good learner and very smart, but she is so lazy. DH suggested that I make her get dressed daily so she can make the mental transition from home to "school." That seemed to work well today. I didn't make her change into good clothes, but she did have to change out of her pajamas.

I feel like I am fighting the lazy bug myself. It seems like I will have a great, motivated week, only to start the next week feeling lazy. I wish I could find the middle ground. I have been so tired lately. My 2 year old loves to cuddle in the morning when he gets up (around 8:30-9) and I end up dozing off. I usually get up for the day at 6. I wish I could break him of that habit but I just love our quiet cuddle time.

I guess I should intro myself.

I am homeschooling William (13) 8th grade and Abigail (11) 6th grade.
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