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Re: Homeschool Check In Feb. 1st--10th

Amy, I have a 12 year old that loves the idea of no more schoolwork. In our house, everyone gets dressed in the morning, we eat breakfast, and schoolwork gets completed before the fun stuff. We have limited electronics time and work has to be complete before they get on the computer, iPad, Wii, whatever. Sometimes my 12 yr old has her iPod for music, but I have to watch her. She's finally at that point where half the time I can trust her to just use it for music and half the time I have to take it away until work is finished. It also helps her that I don't dictate the order of her work.

AFM, kids are just finishing up because we slept in this morning, served at church for Friday lunch, and went to the store. ODD is going to a youth thing in a few minutes that last until tomorrow afternoon. DH and I are taking the younger two to the cowboy museum tomorrow morning for a special kids thing that should be good. We get to wander the museum for free afterward, too, which is cool.
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