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Re: Who loves baking?

same here, only my family can only take so many new recipes, if you know what I mean :-) So my enthusiasm has gotten less a little of the years as I adapt to what they like b/c it makes my life easier when they are all happy. And I'm busier now with more kiddos, so i don't do the little extras as much, just concentrate on a good tasting, half-healthy meal that they will eat.
But when it comes to bake sale fundraisers, I have a hayday! DH asks why I make myself crazy trying to make so much and get everything else done, but I tell him it's what I love to do, and is much cheaper than his hobbies :-)
And if I have too many sweets around...I eat them!

Love the bake group idea! A great requirement would be 1 pix post a week of any item! We could all get a good laugh at a few failures too (hey, we all have those once in a while on that quest to find the best)! Or a creative way to make hot dogs look good on a desperate night :-P
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