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Re: Single mothers by choice

Originally Posted by faithfulorangekids View Post
Thanks everyone!! I'm 8dpo today and staying positive! Been having symptoms that I have never had before and I don't get PMS symptoms, so I'm hopeful but no high hopes

That's awesome! I went through the exact same way you did. Using the known donor registry. He's a great person.

We should keep in touch!
Agreed!! Good luck with your journey! We are definitely a minority in the world. We gotta stick together lol!

Have you read any books on the subject? I know there are a lot of very frank and to the point books that have been... okay. My absolute favorite was "Knock Yourself Up". Can't remember the author, but you could find it on Amazon (I had the kindle edition). It's a much more personal book than the others I read.

I have also found some really cute illustrated books specifically for children born to SMBC women, which i was sooo excited to find! Not only will I look forward to reading them to my child, but they are a sign that I am not alone in all this. There are others that are in the same boat as me!
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