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Re: August 2016 August Chat

Originally Posted by Rockinmama24 View Post
I was so confused as to whether my water broke this time! I have never had it rupture on its own before. It wasn't like people say. It felt like a little bubble of fluid not a pop or a gush. It left maybe a half dollar size wet spot. Then about 10 min later the same thing etc, etc. when I got to L&D the first sample showed inconclusive but as the nurse was walking away I had another small bubble and it was just enough for a true positive. It turns out I ruptured on top not on the bottom like most people. So after that long story, I'd have it checked if I were you.
This is what I am questioning. I just can't tell because they are very little gushes of fluid. The feeling is similar to when you feel a small gush of blood during your period. I always had my water pop before. #1 was during pushing, #2 was an hour before she was born, #3 was broken by the OB while i was pushing. I could feel and hear the pop with them and then felt a torrent of fluid. So this odd now and again like 1 tsp to 1 tbsp of fluid at a time is just confusing. Especially because the information out there is conflicting.
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