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Re: Violent Video Games?

Originally Posted by ChocoMeijin View Post
Definitely not appropriate. Games have a rating system like movies. Call of duty is rated M for matrue which is 17+. here in canada it's actually illegal for a minor to buy an M game without ID or a parent. It lists on the back of the game what is in it (like blood, gore, nudity, etc.).

Ask your ILs and DH if they would take your son to a rated R movie, because that's what they just game him! Like letting him watch Band of Brothers or somethig :P
i don't know what band of brothers is, but i take it it's bad lol. MY IL's have played the game before, so they know exactly what they got him. But, they get him whatever he wants b/c MIL thinks its sweet he wants to be like daddy. I think its all hogwash and that the game has no good influence on a 7 year old. I made my point to dh, but I feel so stuck in this. Nothing I can do, not my kid. If it was one of the girls, he knows darn well my foot would be down, b/c the girls are not allowed to play that. They have specific games that they are allowed to play (like the disnery kinnect one). Now, dh wouldn't buy it for him, but since the IL's did, he won't tell them to take it back, especially not after his son called all excited about it. So frustrating!
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