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Short Rounds OS , Muttaqin Baby M , XS/S Woollybottoms

Boy or Girl Goodmama's
Sbish Large Boyish
Sbish Medium Girly
Sbish Snapless
Flips - boyish colors , snaps only

Short Rounds Onesize Fitted - gorgeous butterfly fitted was purchased NEW by me on 12/22/12 and has only been here a week but in that time I scored a goodmama in the same print. Very soft with no elastic or snap issues. Has no fading , outside staining , tears. However it does have some EBF poo staining that is very light and will wash out over time. Paid $32.50 used less than 6x so asking $25.00ppd. I ship within 48 hours however if that is a issue I will always PM you. Not shipping outside the U.S. right now.

Muttaqin Baby Medium - Purchased new by me in December however it doesn't fit my daughter the way I like so it never gets used. Excellent condition however it may have EBF poo staining , I will get inner pic I thought I already had one on my card. Paid $28 on 12/9/12 asking $26ppd only shipping within the U.S.

Woollybottoms XS/S Longies - Red pair is super super soft the other pair is slightly thicker but still soft. I do not have a tape measure but my daughter is 4.5 months old 17.2 lbs and her inseam is 7.5 " and these fit her great she has been wearing them since 10lbs.

Only Blue Pair and Red Pair available both need a shave but no other issues. I washed them in preparation of the sale in Eucalon and Sheepish Grins lanolin. $20ppd a pair only US Shipping at this time.

I also still have to grab pictures but I have available :

Little Boppers AI2 in the same print as the Muttaqin up above. VGUC may have light staining bought new by me 12/6 for $33 looking to get $30ppd

Bottombumpers Size Medium Peace Signs side snaps VGUC may have light staining $15ppd

Lovelace BGE VGUC no issues that I have noticed however I did buy it used and we don't reach for it , may have light staining. $17ppd

2 Applecheeks Covers size 2 - Appletini NWT and Pink EUC these don't fit over our fitteds very well so I am looking to sell them. $19 for NWT and $17 for the EUC


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