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wanting to wean, but worried about DD...

Okay, this might get long...

DD is 13.5 mos. DH would really like me to wean her, and I wouldn't mind having my body back for a bit before we get pg with #4. Where my concern lies is that DD isn't gaining like she should (18 lbs, which is down 1/2 lb, from a couple months ago), and is not eating as much real food as she needs to. Now none of my kiddos have been great eaters until they are a little bigger (think at least 2-2.5), and I have super small kids. I KNOW she still breastfeeds a LOT, and that she would be better off if she would transfer some of that to real food, but I'm just not sure how to make her eat more. If I cut back on feedings she simply gets up more at night, and if I don't feed her then she just cries. And cries. And cries some more. She does like some food, so it's not that she's not eating anything, but I don't think her calorie intake is high enough to cut out breast milk. I guess should could go on a toddler formula, but I'm really not wanting to go that route. I did that with DS1, and we had so many issues that were compounded by doing that, and it was just not worth it.

I guess what I'm asking is, how on earth do I get her to eat more, and slowly transition her onto another milk source? This is my third baby, but darn it, I think I'm having a harder time with her than I did with either of the boys. Sometimes I really wish I had chubby little toddlers. Then I wouldn't have to worry about them getting too skinny. I understand kids aren't naturally fat, but mine tend to air on the side of too small
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