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Re: February/March Chat Thread

Originally Posted by ~*~Sunflower~*~ View Post
So, our new placement is 22 months. For some reason he refuses to hold his bottle up. always wants it, wont lift it. He is a HUGE kid, I only let him have it 3x day. Not only does the sound drive me up a wall, but he gets a ton of air and vomits. profusely.and, repeatedly. My house (and he) smells like putrid milk.

Has anyone else dealt with a kid who for some reason wont lift the darn bottle?

(edited to add - I take it away when he starts sucking air, but then he goes nuts. I show him how to hold it & he acts like I am crazy)
I have never BTDT but I simply would not give it to him. Little-Man came to us with a bottle and I promply threw it in the trash when we walked in the door. He never cried for it at all since it was never in the house at all. My DS has used a regular cup since just after a year while sitting in his high chair. I would only give him milk in a regular cup or not at all. I know that is kind of harsh but I couldn't deal with the vomiting! Sorry it this makes me a mean mama but I know I just couldn't deal with the puke.
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