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Originally Posted by evasimone

I am using the shield because of multiple issues. I have a ridiculously long thread where I lay it all out. The short version would be, bad latch, nipples missing chunks, baby not gaining any weight at all from birth, supplementing with formula at 2 weeks with a bottle, mild tongue tie that we had clipped, nipple confusion that made her bad latch worse and I couldn't take the pain anymore, EPing for two weeks to allow healing, finally deciding to use a shield as a temporary stop gap measure.

Here's the thread if you want to view it:

I called my LC and she thinks that either I am putting my nipple in crooked or that it's being pulled through the holes. She's suggested I try a few more times making sure my nipple is centered well and see if the damage gets worse. And then if it gets worse I'll know that it's being sucked through the holes and that we will discuss another option.
You're such a trooper! I'll be praying for things to smooth out and resolve quickly for you. :-)
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