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Re: QUICK! What do you use bacon grease for?

Originally Posted by s@hmommy View Post
Do you know how to make the gravy? That's the important part, it just smothers the taste of the biscuit anyway! It will keep if you want to reheat in the morning, just warm it up slowly and you will probably need to add a little milk to keep it from getting too thick.

I make it super easy. Heat up the grease (I use one package of bacons worth ) pretty hot then turn back the heat to med-low. Add about 2 heaping spoons of flour (start with less), you want it to be watery enough you can still stir it with no lumps. Cook like this for a few minutes to cook out the flour taste. Then add about 2-3 cups of milk slowly and keep stirring. It will thicken as you cook it. It makes a pretty big pan full, you can add milk as after you take it off the heat if it seems too thick.

I may have to cook some now! Making me hungry!
Yea, I've watched my mom make the gravy five billion times b/c my dad is hooked on it. I haven't personally done it, but I do know it's flour and milk stirred in and simmered till it's as thick as you want. Basically.

I just suck at baking, and have an oven that is over 50 yrs old (literally, not joking) so making biscuits seems a bit daunting.

I know I should try it, DH would love it.
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