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Re: QUICK! What do you use bacon grease for?

Originally Posted by 3 ladybugs View Post
So are other fats. Olive oil, sunflower oil, and other things. You don't eat it with a spoon (though I think my dog would do very rude things to get you to let him! ). You seriously don't eat fat? Fat is needed (especially cholesterol) for cell repair. Your brain is mostly fat. You really do need fat to live. I actually increase my fat intake when I am TTC. Give the baby extra help.
No, I totally DO eat fat. Fat is the reason I'm so healthy!

But, for some weird reason, animal fat just makes me

I drain the fat off meat when I cook it. I cut all the fat pcs off chicken before I cook it. I even cut the sliver of fat off steaks before I eat them.

Animal fat is just gross in my brain. Whereas olive oil, sunflower oil, etc. I know those are "fats" but they just aren't the same.

I have no clue why I think this way. It's strange, isn't it?
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