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Re: Ovulation Question

Originally Posted by EmmaGM View Post
It's random. You can ovulate from the same side in consecutive months and your body can favor an ovary as well.

That's all I know about that. There are procedures to check if your tube is blocked, have you looked into that?
Going to hopefully do a HSG Feb are we're hopeing Jan to do a IUI an then if no BFP then going to do a HSG for Feb too see if one of my tubes is blocked. My doctor said he doubts it but I feel as it could be. As now my left ovary is working an right not an my left maybe blocked. As the other cycles done IUI has been perect an lo has a follie an right don't.

Plus going to ask my doctor about a fibroid he found during my surgeries not long ago. I'm worried something else is wrong now.
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