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Re: DD swallowed a penny...wwyd?

Unfortunately, I do have experience with this. Sorry you do too now. When my son swallowed one, they told us it was important to get the x-ray because we needed to make sure it was actually in his stomach. Sometimes they get stuck on the way down and you don't realize it until there is suddenly a problem, like it turning in there and suddenly blocking the airway. I really didn't think it was a big deal and didn't want to take mine to the ER, but that was what my ped told us to do and my BIL who is a GP said he agreed. *sigh* So, off we went to the ER. We saw the penny in his stomach and that was that. We just waited a few days and had to make sure it passed, which it did within like 24-48 hrs. I can't remember exactly.

Anyway, I don't think you need to wake everyone up, but my understanding is that you do need to get an x-ray just to make sure. Sorry.

ETA - We have a large ER co-pay. So, if it was me and my ped was willing to order and x-ray that could be done right away at an outpatient clinic, I'd go that route instead. Whatever is easier/better for you would work.
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