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Re: Help for very dry scalp

Originally Posted by krispy79 View Post
For me it was to stop using shampoo with sulfates. For 15 years I scratched my head until it bled my scalp was so dry. I decided to switch to Avalon organics and within a few days it was like a new scalp. I also found that I needed to shampoo less because I had restored a more natural balance. Now if I go to the salon for a cut and they wash my hair I will be itching later that day. The sulfates strip away causing almost an allergic reaction. I mostly now use berts bees shampoo and have been good for 5 years.
Many organic shampoos (Bert's bees, Avalon organics, California baby) do not have sulfates, i also believe l'oreal now makes one, and they're easy to find. Try that for a bottle and see if there is a difference.
I would also like to add that after stripping my hair about 1 year ago a protein rich shampoo was nice to my scalp.
Originally Posted by Mac & Cheeses mom View Post
I too found no sulfates helped my scalp. It stops the itching and is healing it. I have sever psoriasis in my scalp and this was the only thing that helped. I found a shampoo in the ethnic section at Walmart that is gluten free too with Shea butter oil and olive oil. Amazing enough we all shampoo less now. You have to rinse it real good the first few times but it helps a lot! My hair even has begun to grow again thanks to it.
I am going to have her switch shampoos. I am also going to have her try shampooing only every other time she showers (she showers about every other day, so she would only shampoo about twice per week).

Mac & Cheeses mom: would you mind sharing the brand of shampoo you are using? I think that sounds like a good option.

I am also considering, but haven't worked out the details, having her try using shea butter as a moisturizer. I don't really know how that would work, maybe if I combined it with almond oil, massaged it into her scalp, and let it set for a few hours.
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